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Joint Replacement Surgery in Pune

What is Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement, also called Arthroplasty, is surgery to replace a damaged joint with an artificial joint (made of metal, ceramic, or plastic). Providers usually replace the entire joint (total joint replacement). Less often, they replace only the damaged part of the joint. Hips, knees, and shoulders are the most common joints they replace.

Arthroplasty is a surgical joint replacement. During the procedure, your healthcare provider removes a damaged joint and replaces it with an artificial joint. The artificial joint (prosthesis) can be metal, ceramic or heavy-duty plastic. The new joint looks like the natural joint and moves in a similar way.

Who Needs Arthroplasty (Joint Replacement)?

Your surgeon may recommend arthroplasty if you have:

What Joints Do Orthopedic Surgeons Replace?

Most often, surgeons replace the hip joint, knee joint or shoulder joint. Providers call these procedures hip arthroplasty, total knee arthroplasty and shoulder arthroplasty.

What Happens After Arthroplasty?

Depending on the type of procedure you have, you may go home the day of surgery, or you may need to stay in the hospital for a day or two. Talk to your provider about planning for recovery. You will need to have someone drive you home. You may also need help getting around or performing tasks like laundry or bathing.

What Are the Advantages of Joint Replacement?

Joint replacement procedures can help you move without pain and stiffness. After a joint replacement, many people can take part in activities they once enjoyed. These surgeries greatly improve quality of life and overall health by allowing people to have an active lifestyle.

  • Pain-Free Movement: Joint replacement provides relief from pain and stiffness, allowing for smooth, pain-free movement.
  • Enhanced Mobility: After the procedure, individuals often regain the ability to participate in activities they once enjoyed, contributing to improved mobility.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Joint replacement surgeries significantly enhance the overall quality of life by restoring the freedom to lead an active and pain-free lifestyle.
  • Health Benefits: Active participation in physical activities post-joint replacement contributes to better health, both physically and mentally.

Experience the transformative advantages of joint replacement and regain an active lifestyle! Consult with Dr. Rohit Chakor, your trusted Orthopedic Doctor in Magarpatta, Pune.

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