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Orthopaedic Doctor In Magarpatta


Orthopaedic Doctor in Magarpatta

Dr. Rohit Chakor is an Orthopedic Doctor in Magarpatta Pune and a famous Joint Replacement and spine specialist with a mastery of over 10 years. A renowned surgeon, he is currently in as a full-time Senior Consultant and Head of The Bone and Joint Clinic, Pune.
He is considered as one of the most experienced Orthopedic Doctor in Magarpatta Pune. While finishing his DNB in Orthopaedic Surgery and prepared in Germany with the ongoing procedures for arthroplasty and Arthroscopy. Dr. Rohit has vast experience in performing Joint replacement surgeries, , Sports injuries. Over the most recent couple of years from domestic cases, Dr. Rohit Chakor an orthopedic Surgeon has operated a major number of global patients

Dr. Rohit Cahkor has instigated in advanced procedures to help people with easy and quick reviving methods. He utilizes the best quality analytic and medical procedure techniques which are perfect. Aside from being a standout amongst other Orthopedic Doctor, he also is a fitness enthusiast and likes to push his patients to give them the fitness they deserve with simple activities that can improve their bone health.

Orthopedics is the medical field that focuses on diseases and conditions that have an effect on your musculoskeletal system. This consists of your:

. bones

. muscles

. ligaments and tendons

. joints

. nerves

People regularly go to an orthopedic doctor after they’re injured or after they have a chronic condition, which includes arthritis or lower back pain.

What do orthopedic doctors do?

An orthopedic doctor is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions and injuries related to the musculoskeletal system. This includes bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves. Orthopedic doctors use a variety of treatments, including medications, physical therapy, and surgery to treat injuries and conditions. They also provide preventive care to help prevent future problems.

Orthopedic doctors, often known as orthopedic surgeons, focus on assisting you with musculoskeletal issues. Their responsibilities include:

.Diagnosing and treating situations that have an effect on your musculoskeletal system.

.Helping with rehabilitation, which enables you regain movement, strength, range of motion, and flexibility following an injury or surgery.

. Forming strategies to save you injury or to maintain chronic conditions, which include arthritis, from worsening

While orthopedic doctors recognize about all parts of the musculoskeletal system, some choose to specialize further. Some subspecialty areas of orthopedics include:

. spine

. hip and knee

. hand

. shoulder and elbow

. foot and ankle

. sports medicine

. trauma surgery

What types of conditions do orthopedic doctors treat?

Orthopedic doctors deal with a wide form of conditions, such as however now no longer restricted to the following:

. bone fractures

. muscle strains

. joint or lower back pain

. arthritis

. carpal tunnel syndrome

. injuries to tendons or ligaments, which includes sprains, tendonitis, and ACL tears

. limb abnormalities, which include clubfoot and bowlegs

. bone cancer

What are the types of orthopedic treatment?

Orthopedics treatments are mainly classified into to categories:

Nonsurgical Treatment: Our orthopedic team makes use of the least invasive and simplest treatment available. Many orthopedic conditions may be treated with nonsurgical remedy options, including Anti-inflammatory medication (over the counter and prescription), Interventional pain management, including injections and nerve blocks, Physical and occupational therapy, Immobilization, Bracing, Activity modification

Surgical Treatment: If your condition does require surgical treatment, we provide superior surgical options for all orthopedic conditions. Our experienced surgeons have information in advanced procedures, including hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgical treatment.

Why Choose Dr. Rohit Chakor As Your Orthopedic Surgeon?

Dr. Rohit Chakor is a well-certified Orthopedic Surgeon who makes a specialty in numerous spinal procedures. Dr. Rohit Chakor is seemed as one of the reputed Orthopedic surgeons in Pune because of his regular ability to do a result-orientated surgical procedures for debilitating spinal problems. Due to his dedication and hard work, Dr. Rohit Chakor has received years of knowledge in an extensive variety of Joint Replacements. Dr. Rohit Chakor friendly and inviting nature makes him enormously approachable to his patients.

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