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What are Hand Injuries?

There are many different types of hand injuries, most of which occur due to trauma, but some also occur due to over-exertion or compression. Injuries can occur to the bones, muscles, nerves, ligaments, and skin of the hand, wrist, and fingers, and different treatments are needed for different injuries.

Some common types of sudden hand injury include:

What Are the Symptoms of a Hand Injury?

Different injuries cause different symptoms. Most traumatic injuries will cause painbruising, and often swelling.

Fractures and breaks often limit the hand’s range of movement and cause weakness. They may also be accompanied by bleeding or numbness, and severe cases can cause deformity.

Overuse injuries typically result in pain and soreness, and may also lead to numbnesstingling, and weakness.

What Causes Hand Injuries?

Hand injuries can either be caused by some sort of trauma or by overuse.

The most common cause is blunt trauma, resulting in injuries like breaks, fractures, sprains, and dislocations. Overuse injuries are caused by repetitive tasks or by over-exertion.

Contact sports falls, fights, and strenuous tasks all carry the risk of injuring your hands. Sports that involve using the hands for weight-bearing (such as gymnastics) or for holding equipment (such as ski poles) can also cause injury. Nerve injuries, such as carpal tunnel can be caused by repetitive motions, such as typing on your computer.

What is the Treatment for Hand Injuries?

The treatment depends on the type, location, and severity of the injury. Some injuries may heal on their own, while others may need help in the form of a cast, splint, bandage, or physical therapy. If more conservative treatments don’t work, your doctor may recommend surgery.

If the injury is severe, surgery may be required immediately. Serious breaks, fractures, lacerations, and burns require immediate medical attention, and if a crushing injury causes compartment syndrome, this too is an emergency.

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